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I find it hard to believe that seven years have passed since I made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. Even though it has been challenging, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I have had some amazing clients to photograph, and have made some lifelong friends. When the photos session is over, I can't wait to get home and upload the photos to see what I was able to capture. I love the finished product. A few years ago, I began blogging but have fallen behind in this area. I promise I will try to dedicate more time to my blog, so others can get to know the wonderful clients I am photographing. Many of them have interesting stories to tell. I also think it is interesting to see how couples met, and of their plans for the future. I am available most days to photograph you and your loved ones. Message or call for an appointment. View more on my website at

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Allison & Travis

I recently spent the day with Allison and Travis photographing their maternity session. They are such an adorable couple with an interesting story to tell.

In October 2003, Travis interviewed for a youth pastor position at the church Allison attended in Ohio. Allison was also working with the youth at that time. Travis was offered the position and moved to Ohio Thanksgiving weekend. Travis and Allison soon began dating, and he proposed in Jan 2004. They were married October 9, 2004.

After three surgeries, Allison was diagnosed with endometriosis in Dec. 2006. She eventually had to have her right ovary removed. They began invitro-fertilization in September 2008. The first cycle failed after her left ovary was over stimulated resulting in a torsion. This could have led to surgery where she could have lost her left ovary. They decided to take a few months off and restarted IVF in January 2009. Two eggs were implanted, and they found out on January 30th that they were expecting. Adelynn Gwynn Coffey is due October 15, 2009.

Travis is currently the youth minister at Drexel Baptist Church. He seems to be a big kid at heart, lol ! It was very evident during our photo session how excited they are about the pregnancy, and the birth of their little one. Allison states, "We give God all the praise, and Adelynn is truly a miracle baby". I am sure Adelynn is going to be spoiled rotten, lol !

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Congratulations to Brooke Laws !!

In April of this year, Brooke Laws contacted me to do headshot photos of her. She had competed at the Local level of the NC Cinderella Scholarship Pageant and advanced to the State level. She was to submit headshots at the State Pageant being held July 11 - 13 at the Blake Hotel in Charlotte.

The Cinderella Scholarship Pageant recognizes the value of higher education for women, and awards millions of dollars in college scholarships each year. Competition categories include Interview, Partywear/Formalwear Modeling, Casualwear Modeling, Photogenic, Beauty, and Talent.

Brooke did extremely well at the State pageant. She won First place in Interview, Beauty, and Photogenic. She was also awarded runner-up in the Cinderella Woman Division. She received an invitation to Internationals, which are being held July 26 - August 1 in Dallas, TX. At Internationals, a different competition is held each day, with activities and parties daily. On Friday, the top 10 semi-finalists will be announced. It is then narrowed to five finalists, which will compete for the title.

Brooke informed me that she received perfect scores and won Photogenic with one of the headshot photos I had taken. I was extremely happy to hear this. I am now bragging that I am an award winning Photographer, lol !

2009 State winners should be posted soon at

Brooke, I wish you the best at Internationals ! It would be awesome to have a local girl win. Best of Luck!

This is the photo I took of Brooke that won Photogenic !

Halee & Brandon

Halee and Brandon met as many other couples do, through friends. They were introduced one night while hanging out with friends in McDonald's parking lot. Halee attended East Burke High while Brandon attended Freedom High (school rivals). Prior to their dating, Brandon had plans to join the AirForce, but later decided not to join. They began dating, and have been together for four years. On Christmas Eve 2008, Brandon asked Halee to be his bride. They are currently busy making plans for the wedding to be held October 17 at the McDowell House.

I recently met with them to take engagement photos. In most situations, the guys reluctantly take photos, lol. Halee felt Brandon would be no different. However, Brandon never complained one time, and was willing to do whatever was asked of him (including changing clothes three times). He also helped babysit Halee's puppy, Jaxon, which was included in some of the pictures. We took pictures for nearly three hours. When we were packing up to leave, I found out that Brandon had worked the night before, and had only slept a few hours that day. He also had not eaten dinner. I could not believe he had been such a good sport, while also being sleepy and hungry, lol! Thanks Brandon for being so patient during our photo session.

I am excited to be given the opportunity to photograph their wedding day. Halee and I also have a bridal session scheduled in September. I can't wait to see her in her wedding gown. She is going to be such a beautiful bride.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Katelyn & Kirby

Katelyn & Kirby met at Freedom High School. One day after school, Kirby noticed Katelyn and smiled at her. The next day, she found a phone number on a Wendy's napkin on her window. It said, call me. Out of curiosity, Katelyn called to see who it was. Their friendship began from there. They began dating a year later, and have been together for three years.

Kirby is in his second year at WPCC, and Katelyn is a rising senior at Patton High School. They enjoy spending time together, and the simple things. They plan to one day begin their future together with a log cabin in the woods, and lots of children (Katelyn says 12, but Kirby says, no way!). Katelyn hopes to one day be a great hairdresser like her mom.

It seemed like we were never going to get their photos taken. The first scheduled session was cancelled due to the death of my puppy. We rescheduled, and were part of the way through the session when it began to rain. We decided to meet the following afternoon to finish the session. That afternoon, we were out in the middle of a field with a large chaise lounge when a huge storm came. We ran to the car and quickly drove to my home (about three miles away), to get the sofa out of the rain. We were all soaked, but were able to get the photos we wanted prior to the rain.

As it usually goes with guys, Kirby was not too excited about having pictures taken. I was truly surprised how quickly he responded to the camera though. I think he even had a little fun, especially when this man tried to run us off the property where we were taking pictures. But, that's another story, lol !

I was extremely happy with the photos I was able to capture of Katelyn and Kirby. They were a photographer's dream, and game for anything I suggested. I had a great time with them, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jennifer & Willie

Jennifer and Willie met at Freedom High School during their freshmen year. They began dating in 2006 during their sophomore year. On Nov. 10, 2008, he proposed to her on Burkemont Mountain.

Jennifer is attending WPCC pursuing her Associates of Art Degree in Early Childhood Education. Willie will begin WPCC in the fall to pursue an Associates degree in Criminal Justice and begin the BLET program as well. They plan to marry in April of 2011.

I recently had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Jennifer and Willie. We first took some pictures near Catawba River and Riverside. We then moved to a field near the Carbon Plant. I had seen this field many times when driving by, and always wanted to take photos there. Jennifer was so excited when she found out it was a daisy field. We were up to our knees in weeds and kept sinking due to the ground being wet from the rain, but we shot anyway. I love how these photos turned out.

Willie had originally asked to have photos taken near his home with his horse, Acer. I was so glad we decided to do this, because when we arrived, I spotted an old blue dump truck in the field across the road. Needless to say, I was so excited! I had been looking for one of these old trucks for quite a while. The photos we took there were some of my favorites from the session. I would have loved to have spent another hour shooting there, but darkness overtook us.

Once the session was over, I talked with them for nearly an hour. They are such a sweet couple, and it is very evident how much they care for each other. I have included a few of my favorite photos from their session. To view additional photos from their session, visit, choose Featured Galleries, and choose their folder.

Best Wishes, Jennifer and Willie in your Life Together !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tanya and Mark

I worked with Tanya for almost 12 years at Grace Hospital. Her office was directly across the hall from mine. So needless to say, we know each other pretty well. Tanya moved to Morganton from the Raleigh area to fill the position as a cytotechnologist. Tanya is a very athletic person, involved in skiing, hiking, camping, and is a professional mountain biker. When she came to work with us, we told her that we would make a couch potato out of her before it was over, lol. We soon found out that was not going to happen.

All of the girls from work were on a mission to find Tanya a good man, lol. When Tanya met Mark, who is from Greenville, SC, we all liked him immediately. They have been together for several years now.

Tanya was recently accepted to Physician Assistant (PA) school in Oregon. She resigned from her position at Grace, and made a 42 hour trek across country to begin a new stage of her life. Mark helped move her to Oregon, but had to return to SC to work.

Since Mark will not be with Tanya in Oregon, I wanted to do a photo session with them so she would have photos to take with her. We scheduled a session a few days before she moved. They were so much fun to photograph, and I just love the way they communicate (Hmmm), lol. And yes, we had to include the bikes in the session, since they are such an important part of their lives. I dont know how she is going to make it in Oregon, not being able to bike daily.

And, Tanya, don't forget, you and Mark need to be planning the wedding soon. If you don't, all of us girls are going to be too old to wear those little bridesmaid dresses we have picked out, lol.

Once Tanya completes her education, I sure hope she will return to Morganton to practice. I already miss her sooooooooo much ! Love and miss you girl !

Such a sweet and beautiful person !

They are so cute together !

Tibbs moved to Oregon also !

Love this one with the bikes !

On The Bike !

With her bestfriend, Deb, also a professional biker !

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lauren & Tyler

I have known Lauren since she was a little girl. Our families have attended church together for many years. Lauren spent many Sunday afternoons at my home with my daughter Jessica.

Lauren and Tyler have known each other most of their lives. Their moms have been friends for many years. Lauren and Tyler had a middle school relationship that lasted a few weeks, as most do at that age. They began dating again a few years ago while attending the same high school. Tyler graduated in 2007, joined the Navy, and was stationed in Charleston, SC. He and Lauren continued to talk daily, and he made many trips home to see her every chance he could. During one of those trips home, he surprised Lauren with an engagement ring. They have set their wedding date for December 19, 2009.

Tyler recently received orders that he will be stationed in San Diego, California. He was recently home for 40 days, and left this past week for CA. He should arrive there on Monday, and will be deployed to the Persian Gulf on Wednesday for four months. Please keep him in your prayers as he serves our country.

Lauren will be very busy while Tyler is away. She will be graduating from high school in a few short weeks. She and her Mom will also be busy making wedding plans. Tyler should arrive in Morganton about two days prior to the wedding. At least, he will get out of all the wedding planning, which most grooms don't like doing anyway, lol.

I recently took engagement photos of Lauren and Tyler, which was a lot of fun. I just love some of the ones I was able to capture. I love the red dress and red shoes she wore, while on the railroad tracks. She is such a beautiful girl, both inside and out, and Tyler is a very lucky man. Tyler wasn't too excited about taking pictures, but I was very surprised how quickly he adapted to the camera. Thanks Tyler for being so patient, and making it a such a fun session for Lauren. I think I was able to capture many special moments between you guys.

I am sure the next few months will be difficult for them, but their love will sustain them. I would love to be there with my camera when Tyler steps off the plane in December. You talk about some great photos, lol. Tyler will be on leave for two weeks following the wedding. During that time, he will be moving Lauren to San Diego. She will enroll in college, and begin her new life as Mrs. Davis. Just not sure how her Mom and Dad are going to make it though. Neither one of them have ever flown, but I am sure they will be making plenty of flights to CA. I, being such a great friend, have volunteered to go with them to hold their hands on the flight, lol.

I look forward to photographing their wedding in December. Lauren is going to be such a beautiful bride. And yes, Tyler, you will be a handsome groom, lol.

To see more images of Lauren and Tyler, look for their folder under the Featured Gallery section of my website,

So Cute !

Aren't they darling together !

Love this one !

One of my favorites ever !

Absolutely gorgeous !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tonya and Justin

On May 9, I had a wonderful photo session with Tonya, Justin, and Mackenzie. We were finally able to have the shoot after cancelling twice due to the weather, and Justin being called back to base. Justin is a Marine, and is stationed near the NC coast, but he and Tonya are originally from this area. They are also expecting their second child, a baby girl Riley, on July 8. This was an exciting shoot for me. It was my first session with a Marine, and also my first maternity session. We met at the NC School for the Deaf for the shoot. There are many old beautiful buildings on the campus that make an awesome backdrop.

Tonya looked so cute in her black & white dress, and Justin was so handsome in his Marine uniform. It is very touching to see a service man dressed in uniform. I was kidding him about being so serious, though. I was finally able to capture maybe two shots of him smiling, lol. We took a few photos with Tonya draped in the American flag, and a few with Justin's hat and dog tags. I thank God daily for the awesome job these men and women do in serving and protecting our country.

Mackenzie was full of energy, and I soon realized just how much out of shape that I am, lol. I understand why we have children when we are young, it's difficult to keep up with them at my age, lol. She is such a beautiful little girl, with those big blonde curls. She is going to make a great big sister.

We were not able to get as many photos as I wanted, due to Tonya having a baby shower that day. I hope to be able to get more once Riley is born. Can't wait to see that little one.

Tonya, I pray your wishes to deliver a few days early come true. I know you would like to skip the planned C-section on July 8. The 4th of July would be a great day for a new Marine baby to be born. Keep me informed.

The Cute Couple !

Aww, How Sweet !

Beautiful Mackenzie !

Coming Soon ...

Love This One !

Marine Wife !

Lydia & Braelynn

I recently had a photo session with a beautiful Mom, Lydia, and her 10 month old little girl, Braelynn. We began at a park where Braelynn seemed to enjoy smiling for the camera. We then shot some of my favorite pictures of Braelynn. She was dressed in a pink and brown tutu, and standing in a wicker basket that I brought along. She was so cute in that tutu.

The girls then changed into blue jeans and one of my favorite things, beautiful red shoes. I love red high heels (not on me, but on others, lol). I am always excited when I can photograph someone in red heels. Lydia's friends, Anna and Brian, came along to help take care of Braelynn, while Lydia and I wandered off to take pictures. We took some great photos in the backyard of a beautiful home in town. I don't think the owners were home at the time, but it's so hard to resist when you find a beautiful place to take pictures. So don't be surprised if you one day look out, and see a woman wandering around in your backyard taking pictures of someone. It will probably be me, lol.

It began to get dark on us, but we were able to shoot a few at Morganton Federal Savings and Loan. This is a gorgeous historical building in town, and the yard is absolutely beautiful. I would like to go back at a later date to take more of the girls, before it gets too dark. Lydia's poses here definitely drew the attention of those driving by, as several people blew horns at her.

Thanks Lydia for allowing me to take photos of you and Braelynn. I had an amazing time with you both. The love you share is very evident in all of the photos we took.

What a Cute Little Smile !

This is Braelynn in the tutu, way too cute !

Lydia, in the red high heels !

Love, love, love, it !

This pose drew lots of whistles, lol !