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I find it hard to believe that seven years have passed since I made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. Even though it has been challenging, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I have had some amazing clients to photograph, and have made some lifelong friends. When the photos session is over, I can't wait to get home and upload the photos to see what I was able to capture. I love the finished product. A few years ago, I began blogging but have fallen behind in this area. I promise I will try to dedicate more time to my blog, so others can get to know the wonderful clients I am photographing. Many of them have interesting stories to tell. I also think it is interesting to see how couples met, and of their plans for the future. I am available most days to photograph you and your loved ones. Message or call for an appointment. View more on my website at

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tanya and Mark

I worked with Tanya for almost 12 years at Grace Hospital. Her office was directly across the hall from mine. So needless to say, we know each other pretty well. Tanya moved to Morganton from the Raleigh area to fill the position as a cytotechnologist. Tanya is a very athletic person, involved in skiing, hiking, camping, and is a professional mountain biker. When she came to work with us, we told her that we would make a couch potato out of her before it was over, lol. We soon found out that was not going to happen.

All of the girls from work were on a mission to find Tanya a good man, lol. When Tanya met Mark, who is from Greenville, SC, we all liked him immediately. They have been together for several years now.

Tanya was recently accepted to Physician Assistant (PA) school in Oregon. She resigned from her position at Grace, and made a 42 hour trek across country to begin a new stage of her life. Mark helped move her to Oregon, but had to return to SC to work.

Since Mark will not be with Tanya in Oregon, I wanted to do a photo session with them so she would have photos to take with her. We scheduled a session a few days before she moved. They were so much fun to photograph, and I just love the way they communicate (Hmmm), lol. And yes, we had to include the bikes in the session, since they are such an important part of their lives. I dont know how she is going to make it in Oregon, not being able to bike daily.

And, Tanya, don't forget, you and Mark need to be planning the wedding soon. If you don't, all of us girls are going to be too old to wear those little bridesmaid dresses we have picked out, lol.

Once Tanya completes her education, I sure hope she will return to Morganton to practice. I already miss her sooooooooo much ! Love and miss you girl !

Such a sweet and beautiful person !

They are so cute together !

Tibbs moved to Oregon also !

Love this one with the bikes !

On The Bike !

With her bestfriend, Deb, also a professional biker !


Tanya said...

Brenda what sweet words! I miss you and working with you so much! You did such an awesome job on the pictures, I LOVE THEM!!!
You are such an inspiration to others by following your dream and passion of photography! I'm sure you will go far.
Oh and yes I miss Morganton and hope to come back with the PA-C initials after my name or Marks name....but the dresses may be too old to wear by that time!