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I find it hard to believe that seven years have passed since I made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. Even though it has been challenging, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I have had some amazing clients to photograph, and have made some lifelong friends. When the photos session is over, I can't wait to get home and upload the photos to see what I was able to capture. I love the finished product. A few years ago, I began blogging but have fallen behind in this area. I promise I will try to dedicate more time to my blog, so others can get to know the wonderful clients I am photographing. Many of them have interesting stories to tell. I also think it is interesting to see how couples met, and of their plans for the future. I am available most days to photograph you and your loved ones. Message or call for an appointment. View more on my website at

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Katelyn & Kirby

Katelyn & Kirby met at Freedom High School. One day after school, Kirby noticed Katelyn and smiled at her. The next day, she found a phone number on a Wendy's napkin on her window. It said, call me. Out of curiosity, Katelyn called to see who it was. Their friendship began from there. They began dating a year later, and have been together for three years.

Kirby is in his second year at WPCC, and Katelyn is a rising senior at Patton High School. They enjoy spending time together, and the simple things. They plan to one day begin their future together with a log cabin in the woods, and lots of children (Katelyn says 12, but Kirby says, no way!). Katelyn hopes to one day be a great hairdresser like her mom.

It seemed like we were never going to get their photos taken. The first scheduled session was cancelled due to the death of my puppy. We rescheduled, and were part of the way through the session when it began to rain. We decided to meet the following afternoon to finish the session. That afternoon, we were out in the middle of a field with a large chaise lounge when a huge storm came. We ran to the car and quickly drove to my home (about three miles away), to get the sofa out of the rain. We were all soaked, but were able to get the photos we wanted prior to the rain.

As it usually goes with guys, Kirby was not too excited about having pictures taken. I was truly surprised how quickly he responded to the camera though. I think he even had a little fun, especially when this man tried to run us off the property where we were taking pictures. But, that's another story, lol !

I was extremely happy with the photos I was able to capture of Katelyn and Kirby. They were a photographer's dream, and game for anything I suggested. I had a great time with them, and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.